Be More Chill
music & lyrics by JOE ICONS
book by JOE TRACZ
based on the novel by NED VIZZINI
choreography by CHASE BROCK

A better understanding of commercial possibilities for this project:

Be More Chill is like any other show, such as Dear Evan Hansen, that will gain its momentum by this first run at the Signature theatre. Enhancement money is how we support this first run through trying out, with the hope that it gains momentum and gets to Broadway or another commercial run.

Here’s the advantage for our enhancement investors, the Signature Theatre run is a “for profit venture”. Our investors will get a percentage of their enhancement investment back. It may be small, but it’ll be something. This is different from any regional or not for profit run where there is a zero return to its investors.  

Also, if you invest now, you get the first opportunity to invest more as we move forward into a possible Broadway or Off-Broadway run down the road and further more, you will be a part of the merchandising and licensing agreements as well.


The Irene Diamond Stage
at the Pershing Square Signature Center