Lost Riders

“Wonderama,” the enduring and iconic studio- audience participation show that entertained families for over four decades, marks its triumphant comeback to television.

Hosted by David Osmond, a member of the beloved and highly entertaining Osmond Family, the show is poised to deliver a dynamic family entertainment experience that’s fun, exciting, interactive and informative. “Wonderama” combines the best elements of the original – games, celebrities, music, prizes and an interactive studio audience. Fans of the original may recall the popular “Snake in a Can” game alongside new show elements including “Wonder-mojis,” “Cool Science” and “DJ Dance Emergency” featuring DJs Coco and Breezy, whose energetic style and cutting- edge playlists further lend to the show’s upbeat atmosphere.


Wonderama Season 2 - with David Osmond

Wonderama Season 2 - with David Osmond

with Dan Rosenbaum, Hailee Williams and David Osmond.
I am now Head of Talent and Travel for Season 3.